20th November – NEW RELEASE

Barcelona based duo Pale Moon has announced the release of their beautifully melancholic new single ‘Stranger.’  With evocative lyricism and lush instrumentation, the track is a perfect introduction to this unique musical pairing. New single which will be accompanied with cinematic video produced by Orbita is influenced by folky Fleet Foxes and 70s Wings and will fit into playlist with Beach House and Aldous Harding.


Band came together around 2018 and their first EP “Dust of Days” was released in Iceland with encouraging reviews and a spot in Iceland Airwaves.


“We had around 100 voice memos on our phones with song ideas and we wanted to make an album out of”, the band recalls. 


Pale Moon began the work of bringing their songs to life in a makeshift recording studio in a farmhouse in Arni’s native Iceland. Eager to tour in Europe, they decided to relocate to Spain. When they performed ‘Stranger’ at their first concert in Barcelona, the reaction from the audience was incredible. The crowd was captivated by the melodic chorus and immediately began to sing along.

Nata and Arni instantly knew they had stumbled upon something special with ‘Stranger.’  “This was the first time, when I felt that something I wrote was bigger than me,” Nata explains. “It was almost intimidating.”


“We were going for a studio lockdown, which soon became a quarantine lockdown.”, Árni said. 


There, in the middle of Spanish countryside, free from distractions, Pale Moon set a goal to record a full album and the first single would be “Stranger”.


With layers of gentle guitars and warm vocal harmonies, the resulting track is a shimmering indie folk gem. 


“It’s not the first version of the song, in fact there were five.”, Árni laughs. “At one point we had a mixed and mastered version on our hands and I decided to play it to our friend, who came over after the lockdown was lifted. Maybe it was just a red wine, but I hated the busy arrangement so much, we decided to start over.”


‘Stranger’ is accompanied by a music video produced by Catalan Production company Órbita.  An open ended story of two lovers taking place in a dystopian world, the video gives ‘Stranger’ another new layer for listeners to interpret.  ‘Stranger’ is a deeply moving rumination on the pursuit of happiness that is sure to appeal to fans of open hearted songwriting everywhere.