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Pale Moon release a new energetic single "Strange days" on 10th of Sept 2021.

These Icelandic/Russian psychedelic kids Árni and Nata had been working on an album slowly releasing tracks. Their latest song called "Strange Days" is fuelled with irony, fun, indie guitars and cream.

Pale Moon is a project of two, Árni Gudjonsson and Natalia Sushchenko. Influenced by Billy Joel, David Bowie and Beach Boys, the result of their musical collaboration lay in indie stratosphere.

It might remind you of The Shins, Fleetwood Mac or Tennis, but still their unique charm creates a special sound. Educated as a classical pianist Árni's life took a radical turn when he joined "Of Monsters And Men", one of few Icelandic bands who achieved overwhelming international success. Nevertheless he wanted to write his own material. Nata on the other hand has been pursuing career in design. She was born in a small Siberian town and though wrote a lot of poetry and participated in small musical project didn't perceive it seriously until she met with Árni. 

They already released an EP and few singles, including Stranger and Parachutes both charting on Icelandic radio. The media also took a notice. Their releases earned mentions on indie blogs, online magazines and spotify playlist We Love That Sound , York Calling , Indie for Bunnies, Visual Atelier 8 , Buffa Blog, Gig Radar, Cheers to the vikings, Wolf in a suit, Analogue Trash, WHEN THE HORN BLOWS, Come here Floyd, Hot Lunch Music, Airpate,, Nordic Simit, Booooom TV and many others.

"Strange days" come out on 10th Sept 2021 together with a creamy video that was shot by Russian DP Dimitry Litvinov. This song is full of irony and it made to ease your pain of existence. 

You could have seen Pale Moon on Mercat de Music Viva de Vic Festival this September or as an upcoming act in Iceland Airwaves.

Band already recorded an LP which is expected to be released later this year. 

Listen here: CLICK

Download here: THIS (mp3s, files, pics, etc.)

Watch video here: LINK



"‘Exile’ is the new single from Icelandic/Russian psychedelic group Pale Moon and it finds them weaving some damn fine guitar melodies through a pop hook landscape and chiming indie rock chords. The  catchy and beguiling track comes from their forthcoming new EP Dust Of Days."

—  Doubtful Sounds

Sydney, Australia

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