Psychedelic duo from Iceland called Pale Moon joins Spanish music scene

9th of July in Sala Taro, a venue in Barcelona, Pale Moon is going to present the result of their exile in small town of Altafulla. New single “Stranger” is a song about their escape from Iceland.


Nata Sushchenko and Árni Gudjonsson formed Pale Moon 2 years ago while living in Reykjavik. Their first EP “Dust of Days” was written in Árni’s parent’s farm South of Iceland. It was the first time he set himself to record tracks completely, including every instrument on the tracks and encouraged Nata to put her poetry into songs.

They had to put everything else aside and quit their other projects to dedicate their time to music. Leaving Iceland behind, they moved to a small town in Tarragona region and started working on full length album.


First track for this album is called “Stranger”. “It’s a very personal song that I wrote about my own fears, the things that stops me from doing what I really love. I was born in Siberia and grew up in ghetto-like environment of 90s post-soviet Russia. I was singing and dancing my whole life, but never thought I can actually do it. Meeting with someone like Árni is probably a destiny. Someone who is maybe just a stranger at some point can change your life.”, Nata says.


“I never got such a strong response about any songs I did. I guess that’s the reason it took us forever to finish the track. We had to rerecord many parts of the song until we absolutely loved it.”, Árni says.


Their event in Barcelona on 9th of July in Sala Taro is long-awaited show, that had to be delayed because of quarantine. Everyone who is craving for indie psychedelic vibes, lush guitars and atmospheric sound definitely will enjoy Pale Moon’s style.


Their inspiration lays in band like Beach Boys, Mac DeMarco,  David Bowie, Kurt Vile. Some blogs pointed out it sounds like Fleet Foxes, Some Sprouts, The Fur Coats and The Shins. Whatever it is, Pale Moon has a textured sound and melodic songwriting in its own unique mix.

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"‘Exile’ is the new single from Icelandic/Russian psychedelic group Pale Moon and it finds them weaving some damn fine guitar melodies through a pop hook landscape and chiming indie rock chords. The  catchy and beguiling track comes from their forthcoming new EP Dust Of Days."

—  Doubtful Sounds

Sydney, Australia