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This Icelandic/Russian Psychedelic group carved their path in music with haunting, captivating melodies and lush Neo-Psych textures that might sound as well as it came from 70s. The collaboration began in the Catalan city of Barcelona where they first met. It wasn’t until a month trip to Mexico the power duo crafted their first demos and decided it was time to pull up the sleeves and record these massive mama jams.

Inspired by the Rolling Stone album “Exile on Main St.”, they set up a recording studio in an old farmhouse in South of Iceland. Árni’s parents, who used to breed sheep and prize winning stallions there. Arni took on his own spiritual and solitary journey.

The first song he recorded in those outlawing days was the song “Exile”. Supply of new song ideas came constantly from Nata and EP started to take shape. Arnar Gudjonsson took a project of mixing EP, who is notable for work with bands like Leaves, Kaleoand and Warmland. 2018 started off on the small stages of Reykjavik, band practiced their show in Mexico with their DIY tour in 2018.

Natasha Sushchenko raised in the cold and unforgiving landscapes of Siberia. She took part in small bands, but decided to take a road in design eventually. She scored a paid scholarship in Barcelona and graduated in fashion. Árni was the one to suggest they should record her songs. Her main influences, Carole Kind, Fleetwood Mac and The Doors shaped Natasha´s songwriting style.

Árni Guðjónsson was born and raised in Iceland. He’s been playing in bands before he could speak. His first band, Royal Funclub got some local approval when he was just 13, but the breakthrough in his career happened in 2010. Raggi, his flatmate invited Árni in a new band “Of Monsters and Men” for his piano skills and it didn´t take long for their first album to become platinum around the world.

But Arni left the band after first album. He participated in many projects and bands. Arni has released music with Prog-balkan band Orphic Oxtra, who performed for KEXP. One Week Wonder is another project worth mentioning. The band released one album ”Mars” in Iceland and Netherlands. In 2016 they won the “video of the year” prize in the Icelandic music awards, but that didn't last.

Their debut EP, Dust of Days comes out 15th of April. While each song tickles different themes and even musical genres, the unique voice of Pale Moon glues together into familiar yet fresh sound. They are not afraid of harmonies and juicy riffs. “I just want to make music and nothing else” says Árni, who recorded each instrument for the release.

While not recording their own music, the guys from Pale Moon run a concept store Kvartyra 49 in Reykjavik. They record their monthly music podcasts, where they interview Icelandic bands and organize concerts.



"‘Exile’ is the new single from Icelandic/Russian psychedelic group Pale Moon and it finds them weaving some damn fine guitar melodies through a pop hook landscape and chiming indie rock chords. The  catchy and beguiling track comes from their forthcoming new EP Dust Of Days."

—  Doubtful Sounds

Sydney, Australia