Cinematic video produced by Órbita Catalan production gives another depth to the single "Stranger" by Pale Moon. 

A melancholic story inside the utopian world which follows a couple who are separated by desire to get dry in a place where everything is always wet. Directed by Carles Pons Altimira and shot in Spain.



—  Doubtful Sounds

Sydney, Australia

"‘Exile’ is the new single from Icelandic/Russian psychedelic group Pale Moon and it finds them weaving some damn fine guitar melodies through a pop hook landscape and chiming indie rock chords. The  catchy and beguiling track comes from their forthcoming new EP Dust Of Days."


Exile............................................. 3:08

Waiting for the sun..........................5:44

Everything is Alright.........................6:52



Pale Moon is a project of two, Árni and Nata. Their debut EP “Dust of Days” contained of three tracks where you can hear a mix of influences from psychedelic indie to dreamy pop. Influenced by Billy Joel, David Bowie and Beach Boys, the result lay somewhere between raw Mac DeMarco and The Shins and somehow still different. Árni’s had been in Icelandic music scene for a while and worked with some notable acts, while Natasha is a Siberian girl, who took her interest in design until they met. 


The band wouldn’t happen if Nata didn’t take a one way ticket to Iceland summer she was about to finish her BA in Fashion. They ended up working more and more together polishing their songwriting abilities. 2020 band dedicated to writing a full length album in a home studio they put together close to Tarragona. Pale Moon will present brand new show for Iceland Airwaves 2021 in Reykjavik next November.


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